Please help me compile a list of videos that The Roots have appeared in.

Just videos, not movies , TV, or commercial appearances. We'll do those next time.

The Roots Videos:
Pass The Popcorn (1993)
Distortion To Static (1994)

Proceed (1994)

Proceed II (1994)

Silent Treatment (1995) (<-In there)

Clones (1996)

Concerto Of The Desperado (1996)

What They Do (1996)

You Got Me (1999)

The Next Movement (1999)

What You Want (1999)

Glitches (2000)

Break You Off (2002)

The Seed 2.0 (2003)

Don't Say Nuthin' (2004)

Star (2004)

I Don't Care (2004)

Band Members Appearances:
Boyz II Men - Motown Philly (Questlove in toilet playing drums)

De La Soul - itzsoweezee (Quest, Black Thought)

Nonchalant - Take It There (Black Thought, Dice Raw)

Les Nubians - Tabou (Feat. Black Thought)

Razhel - All I Know

Rahzel - Make The Music 2000
(but this may work for a laugh , starts 1/2 way in)

Dice Raw - Thin Line Between Raw and Jiggy (Malik B, Black Thought, animated)
(It used to be at , but the link is broken)

Bilal - Soul Sista (Questlove)

X-Ecutioners - Live From The PJs (ft. Ghostface, Trife & Black Thought)

LaToya London - Appreciate (Black Thought)

NERD - Maybe (Quest)

Martin Luther - Daily Bread (Quest)

Mos Def feat. Tash & Q-Tip - Body Rock (Quest at 4:25)

Jay Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Quest near in, infrared)

Joss Stone - Fell in Love with a Boy (Quest)

Talib Qweli - Waiting For The Dj (Black Thought)

Slum Village - Climax (Quest)

D'Angleo - Left and Right (Quest)

D'Angelko - Send it On (Quest)

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