Grammy Record Side 2

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Melting Pot Grammy Record Edit

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Discography Page (Temp)

I define The Roots as the full band, or the band without a rapper, or two or more members of the Roots that includes either Questlove or Black Thought.
I'm not including Ben Kenny, Martin Luther, Captain Kirk, Knuckles, or Scott Storch yet.
I own all of this stuff unless it's labeled 'NEEDED'. If you have an item that I need please sell it to me .
Do NOT copy and paste this list and put it on your page. It took me a long time to compile this list.
Feel free to email me at

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Welcome to The Roots Archive!

This web site is intended to provide information about the Hip-hop band The Roots in specific areas:
TV Appearance Listing
Tour Date Listing

This site is not intended to store the music. Please see for concert recordings. This site is not run by The Roots or by anyone who works for The Roots. The Roots home page is The list of music has been significantly updated. Check out the list!

Game Theory is coming out August 29th, 2006

<-The cover! (Larger size not yet available)

gametheory.gif   theroy2


These are not the covers.

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